[CM] Building snd from source

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat, 22 May 2004 03:52:56 -0700

 > The one thing I """hate""" (sorry for that strong word) with the
 > motified snd is, that the strings of the buttons, menus and such are
 > so tiny

I think Snd was simply using the Motif default font in this case,
which appears to be "fixed 7x13".  I changed it to default to 9x15,
which still has an old-fashioned look, but at least it's readable.

 > When trying to load ogg'ed files, (I have inserted examp.scm...) they
 > will  loaded, I see a converting process on the shell's output from
 > where I have started snd and then mpg123 will be called (which I do
 > not have...).
 > What's this? I thought the ogg'ed file will be converted to something
 > "native" (au, raw, wav or such), which snd directly supports.

It's supposed to call ogg123 -- I can't see any way it would call
mpg123.  Then you can either set up the open-hook to call ogg123
automatically (see examp.scm), or do something like:

   (open-sound (read-ogg "/home/bil/sf1/oboe.ogg"))

I don't really want to add built-in support for all these compressed
formats via their libraries -- there are at least a half dozen now,
and more seem to pop up constantly

 > open-file: system-error: "No such file or directory": "v.scm" (2)

As Anders mentioned, try load-from-path rather than load.