[CM] Re: Building snd from source

Meino Christian Cramer Meino.Cramer@gmx.de
Fri, 21 May 2004 13:10:26 +0200 (CEST)

From: Bill Schottstaedt <bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: Re: Building snd from source
Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 03:36:16 -0700

Hi Bill,


 This mailinglist seems to be VERY quick!
 THANK YOU for your lightspeeded answer, Bill... !!!! :)

 Seconds before I received your mail I sent one to Frank, which
 marks the below question of mine with "???" -- so I thought I had
 spoken "german English" again...

 Currently I also compiled a motified snd -- I havent got the gtked
 snd to work for me in a reasonable way -- which is definetly
 *MY*problem and not a problem of snd! I am at the very very very
 beginning of using and understanding snd ;)

 The one thing I """hate""" (sorry for that strong word) with the
 motified snd is, that the strings of the buttons, menus and such are
 so tiny (my screen is 1600x1200 pixies) and the file selector box has
 a not so useable retro design compared with things seen while using
 gimp (for example) -- but this is not meant as a complaint or critic...!

 Yes, you are right, Bill!
 I copied snd_conffile.scm to .snd and changed some paths and
 commented out a few load's, because they gave warning and error
 messages...I think I haven't installed something not completly

 I didn't use a rpm or deb archive. I downloaded the snd-7.tar.gz (by
 the way: compressing it to bz2 instead, while save a lot of bytes and
 makes my modem not glowing red while downloading ;)))))) and compiled
 the stuff myself.

 Thank you very much again for your anser, Bill!

 Keep snd'ing! ;)

>  > Do both interfaces provide the same functionality?
> That takes a long answer, but the short one is that they are
> essentially the same.  I like Motif's paned windows, but others
> find them awkward.  The Motif text widget is still better
> than Gtk's, so the listener window works better in Motif;
> but you can use emacs instead.  The Gtk "footprint" is about
> 11 MBytes, whereas Motif is about 3 MBytes, so the gtk-snd
> is much larger. The Motif side of the extension code (Dave
> Phillips tutorial code, and so on) is more highly developed --
> I use Motif, and add the corresponding gtk code later, so
> there are lacunae in the gtk support; and the gtk version
> of the recorder dialog is a mess.
>  >   Sometimes the volume steadily increases with every loop until it was
>  >  totally distorted.
> I'll look into the looping problem, but I think what is
> happening is that many separate "plays" are piling up.
> I assume you're using snd_conffile.scm here?  Or perhaps
> the tutorial?