[CM] Building snd from source

Frank Barknecht fbar@footils.org
Fri, 21 May 2004 07:09:25 +0200

Meino Christian Cramer hat gesagt: // Meino Christian Cramer wrote:

>  I tried to build snd from source, which I freshly downloaded.
>  I entered different problems.
>  My question is:
>   Is it recommended (for a building-snd-from-source-newbie) to build
>   it with the motif or the gtk interface? ;)
>   Do both interfaces provide the same functionality?

I don't know, but if you build with Motif, you can run with those
buttons, Dave Phillips made. They can be useful for a start and later.
Personally I do prefer the Gtk version now and include Kjetil's
snd_conffile.scm into ~/.snd instead, slightly adapted. With
gtk-themes it just looks much better. Maybe it's possible to add a
toolbar to the Gtk-version, as well. I'll need to explore that some

>   My resulting snd does soemtimes enter an endless loop when first
>   pressing "play in loop" and then "stop" -- I was bombed with "Too
>   many files open" messages and had to reboot, since the computer
>   was so busy in looping that it does not to respond to key input 
>   anymore.

This happend to me as well, but it has snothing to do with the
toolkit. It happens, when you have a small selection active, that you
might not be able to see. Looping this will make Snd act like an
oscillator. Try "Ctl-g" several times in that case.  I did unset
looping in ~/.snd because of this: 

;; Unset looping again here:
(define islooping #f)

>   Another thing while playing in loop:
>   Sometimes the volume steadily increases with every loop until it was
>   totally distorted.


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