[CM] [spam] German article on Snd and other Linux editors in print

Frank Barknecht fbar@footils.org
Wed, 19 May 2004 22:14:49 +0200


my article on Snd and the competitors Rezound, Audacity, Kwave and
Sweep was published in the german computer magazine c't:
http://www.heise.de/ct/ issue 11/2004

Unfortunatly it is not a free (speech) text and also not available
online.  Plus my scanner is broken, otherwise I would mail a scan to
you, Bill. Maybe I can organize something later.

All I can present is the issue's TOC in Pdf format here:

The article is on page 182 titled "Linux-Soundeditoren"

Of course, Snd is the winner. ;)

My favorite quote in the article: 

  Snd is a mighty dinosaur, where the young mammals still can't even
  reach up to the hollow of its knee.

(I hope this resembles the correct english translation of the original

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