[CM] 2nd International Linux Audio Conference

Juan Reyes juanig@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon, 26 Apr 2004 11:14:10 -0400

Nando, it's great that your are presenting the lisp world and sort of
breathing among those [ C, C++]  inhabitants. We lispers also like to
believe (in some cases) that we like the 'geeky' approach. It would be
great to have more information about your paper. 

 --* Juan Reyes

PD: Here is the abstract from Nando's presentation which I find ver

> Before rodents ran wild and permanently trained users to track a tiny
> cursor in a screen, mere words were the interface and old fashioned
> mechanical keys were the input device. From that time in history come
> text based sound generation and processing languages like CLM... 
> I'll briefly introduce sound synthesis and processing concepts and
> theory, and algorithmic composition techniques using Common Lisp based
> non-realtime tools (Common Music [CM] / Common Lisp Music [CLM]).
> Additive / Subtractive / Modulation synthesis, Granular synthesis,
> Digital Filtering, Automata, Fractals, Chaos and much more (especially
> chaos :-)