[CM] snd 7.3

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon, 05 Apr 2004 03:41:44 -0700

Snd 7.3:

libsamplerate and recording stuff for Jack, many other
   improvements thanks to Kjetil S. Matheussen

replaced snd-motif.rb with snd-xm.rb, many other *.rb
   improvements thanks to Michael Scholz

region-position and optional channel arg to region-frames
   as suggested by Matt Wright

tempo-control-bounds, and all other such variables' global
   defaults can be set, including cursor-follows-play and the speed-control
   stuff -- this means you no longer have to use after-open-hook
   to set cursor-follows-play globally


mus_optkey_* exported from sndlib and incorporated into Snd --
   I can't decide how far to take this. def-optkey-fun in ws.scm

edit function arg to mus_make_granulate -- called just before a grain is
   added into the output.

removed Options:Speed Style menu
fractional-fourier-transform and z-transform in dsp.scm
C-_ deletes text in listener to previous command
read|write-speex for Speex files and read|write-flac for FLAC files (examp.scm)
make-font-selector-dialog and make-color-selector-dialog in snd-gtk.scm
change-window-property is now a procedure-with-setter named window-property
removed change-menu-label, menu-sensitive, recolor-widget
audio output option added to display-scanned-synthesis

the various dialog functions are more consistent:
   each returns the dialog widget
   where sensible each has a 'managed' argument
   added find-dialog, print-dialog
   name changes:
     file-dialog -> view-files-dialog
     region-dialog -> view-regions-dialog
     mix-dialog -> view-mixes-dialog
     track-dialog -> view-tracks-dialog
     edit-save-as-dialog -> save-selection-dialog
     file-save-as-dialog -> save-sound-dialog

in CLM: added clm-swap-ints and clm-swap-doubles (Juan Pampin),
   and a subsequent bugfix thanks to Pierre Klanac.
in CMN: an MCL #_DrawChar bugfix thanks to Pierre Klanac.
CMN works now in SBCL on the Sun and in OSX 10.3.

checked: gtk 2.3.4, gtk 2.3.5, gtk 2.3.6, gtkglext 1.0.6, gtk 2.4.0,
	clisp 2.33, sbcl 0.8.8.

with much help from Ludger Brummer, Kjetil S. Matheussen, Juan Pampin,
   Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, Michael Scholz, Pierre Klanac, Matt Wright.
   Richard Liston, Juan Reyes, Bret Battey, James Ravan, Joakim Sandgren
   Adam Tinsdale