[CM] Re: your CM plots

Orm Finnendahl finnendahl@folkwang-hochschule.de
Fri, 17 Oct 2003 09:29:53 +0200

Hi Dave,

Am 16. Oktober 2003, 16:19 Uhr (-0400) schrieb Dave Phillips:
> Hi Orm:

> Since it doesn't look like the CM plotter will be available for
> Linux anytime soon, can it be that you've set up something similar ?

I don't know plotter well enough, but you're right. Years ago I needed
a tool for visualisation. It was first inspired by Tobias Kunze's
"bargrapher" which I think is a prepredecessor of plotter. Originally
I was exporting to eps format but then found out about xfig which made
it possible to adjust the output in a way that I could actually use it
for my scores.

> If you have the time can you briefly describe what you're doing and
> how you're doing it ? (Or point me to somewhere I can read up on
> it)... TIA!

It's nothing special really. Xfig's file format is lineoriented
straightforward ascii (a little bit like csound), specifying object
type and parameters for each object on each line. See:




My code is just some sort of wrapper, which takes event lists as input
and outputs that to a file. Each event is a list with numbers, which
specify time, pitch, layer, duration, amplitude and color. For
stafflines and timelines I use special tags in the event lists.

I can send the sources to you (or anybody else). I hesitate a little
as the code is quite ugly but it should be clear enough to give an
example. I recently converted it to scheme.

I think it'd be cool if it could get integrated into cm as it is nice
to have a full blown graphics program behind cm's output.