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Marco Trevisani marco@trevisani.net
Fri, 10 Oct 2003 14:47:51 -0400

Hi Fernando,

 10/10/2003 alle 10:12:49, -0700, Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano [AKA nando] ha scritto/escribió/wrote:
> > then if there is here any debian user i have a question/poll...:
> > which one of this two options would you prefer:
> > 1)a package with the lisp image
> > or
> > 2) a package with source that compiles while clm is installed?
> > 
> > my personal preference goes for 2), and that is how it is packaged right
> > now. 
> Any reason why? 

one reason, the main reason..maybe the only reason..:-), is that
Debian distribution has packaged 3 different Lisp flavours
(cmucl,sbcl,clisp), so rather than forcing users to one lisp, lisp
extra packages and extra libraries are distribued as sources that get
compiled at installation time.
In the clm case this package has "depends" on cmucl, which is the lisp
i use and that i have tested, but of course my idea is to update the
script and get "depends" on cmucl | sbcl | clisp

well another reason here:
 there is also the ALSA/OSS possibility. Debian supports both, and,
even if i compile with ALSA as default there might be OSS users
around, so with a script i provide they are able to recompile quickly.

Said this i should then provide so many alternative lisp images...
clm-cmucl clm-cmucl-alsa (then sbcl and clisp)
plus later clm-cmn-cm and all the possible combinations...

Of course if there is a solution to that i would consider it.

>I don't know much about debian, but in the distributions
> I know packages do not compile at install time.

I have heavily tested (and i'm using for my personal works) clm on
cmucl in my Debian machines with no problems. It is a quite rare case
(in theory it should never happen...)  that a package installed in
Debian does not compile in another Debian system, unless user added
some non Debian libs or else that makes the system not a clean Debian.


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