[CM] CLM versions

Anthony Kozar anthony.kozar@utoledo.edu
Thu, 09 Oct 2003 23:03:28 -0400

I have been slightly frustrated by this issue as well.  I just never know if
I have the latest version for sure since I can't remember the last time I
downloaded the archive.  For a couple of years, I thought the program had
never been updated.  Then I discovered the dates of the files for clm2 and
cmn on the FTP server were changing.  I downloaded it again, and sure
enough, it was a newer version than the one I had.

It also makes it difficult to see the history of the software.  I am not
saying it is an issue with clm, but with many other pieces of software, it
is sometimes the case that the latest version is not the best one for me and
my machine.  Sometimes, new versions are buggier than old ones for some
people's configuration or have higher requirements to run.  I have even
encountered situations where a piece of software had a feature that I liked
that was removed in a newer version.  It is frustrating if you delete the
old version, discover you still prefer to use it, and then discover you can
no longer get it from the author.  (I also like to archive old versions of
certain interesting pieces of software as a hobby :)

I think numbering releases, and keeping old releases would be beneficial --
even if none of these issues directly apply to CLM.

Just my .02.

Anthony Kozar

On 10/8/03 11:10 PM, Bret Battey<bbattey@u.washington.edu> etched in stone:

> Seems it would be easier (and more conventional) to (best) have
> numbered or dated releases of CLM...
> &/or, (next best)
> have the CLM web page at least indicate the date of last revision so
> one readily knows whether one should download the new version.