[CM] CLM versions

Bret Battey bbattey@u.washington.edu
Wed, 8 Oct 2003 20:10:33 -0700

I've been wondering about CLM versioning issues, and I'll finally bring 
the issue up here. Triggered by the fact that today the only way I 
could tell if CLM had been updated since the last version I had was to 
downloaded the gzip file and gunzip and un tar it and read the History 

2nd issue is: I'm releasing tools that use CLM -- so I feel it is 
important to be able to say "works with CLM Version X.Y" -- but the 
only version number we have is 2. (Though if I request *clm-version*, I 
get 16...?)

Actually, any time now that I download CLM, I look in the history file 
to figure out the revision date, then I rename the folder on my machine 
from clm2 to CLM2-030929 (for example).

Seems it would be easier (and more conventional) to (best) have 
numbered or dated releases of CLM...

&/or, (next best)

have the CLM web page at least indicate the date of last revision so 
one readily knows whether one should download the new version.