[CM] CLM versions

Michael Klingbeil michael@klingbeil.com
Thu, 9 Oct 2003 23:38:14 -0400

For more comprehensible version info, try evaluating *clm-date* and *clm-news*

Much more useful than *clm-version* in my opinion.

However, I would strongly support Bret's idea whereby the clm tar 
file or the directory within the tar file has the release date 
appended -- like clm-2-030929. This would make things less confusing 
and avoid me accidentally blowing something away when I unarchive a 
new version. Usually I have 2 or sometimes even 3 active versions of 
clm lying around -- stable (sometimes with my own tweaks and hacks), 
latest download, and then usually some other version inbetween...

I would also support posting of the last revision date -- or maybe 
posting a direct link to HISTORY.clm on the webpage.

Bill, perhaps you could comment on whether any of these suggestions 
are reasonable.

Best regards,


>I've been wondering about CLM versioning issues, and I'll finally 
>bring the issue up here. Triggered by the fact that today the only 
>way I could tell if CLM had been updated since the last version I 
>had was to downloaded the gzip file and gunzip and un tar it and 
>read the History file.
>2nd issue is: I'm releasing tools that use CLM -- so I feel it is 
>important to be able to say "works with CLM Version X.Y" -- but the 
>only version number we have is 2. (Though if I request 
>*clm-version*, I get 16...?)
>Actually, any time now that I download CLM, I look in the history 
>file to figure out the revision date, then I rename the folder on my 
>machine from clm2 to CLM2-030929 (for example).
>Seems it would be easier (and more conventional) to (best) have 
>numbered or dated releases of CLM...
>&/or, (next best)
>have the CLM web page at least indicate the date of last revision so 
>one readily knows whether one should download the new version.
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