[CM] cm.scm

Orm Finnendahl finnendahl@folkwang-hochschule.de
Fri, 7 Nov 2003 15:05:40 +0100

Am 07. November 2003, 14:34 Uhr (+0100) schrieb rm@fabula.de:
> Hmm, looking at it again: it's not clear whether _you_ did something
> wrong here. It's not clear to me rom Orm's post whether he downloaded
> the software or did a CVS checkout. If the later is the case it's most
> likely that _he_ did some local changes that conflict with the latest
> checkouts (probably both he and you changed things in the same area
> of the file). Orm should have gotten some warnings during checkout iff
> that's the case.

that was the problem. I had edited the prior file some time ago. After
deleting cm.scm and rechecking out everything was fine. Sorry...