[CM] Installing CM under Cygwin on Windows XP

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Tue, 4 Nov 2003 08:08:15 -0600

Yes, listener.el is meant as a substitute for ilisp. its built on top 
of inf-lisp. It's to be used with a graphic (non-tty) Emacs or Xemacs 
and provides a dedicated Listener frame and a Listener menu for all 
lisp-mode buffer. listener.el gives much better remote evaluation and 
error aborting than inf-lisp. Im making a new version of listener.el 
now -- im testing it in emacs/linux xemacs/windows and 
emacs/xemacs/osx. I spent hours downloading emacs for cygwin only to 
find that it was just the crappy old terminal version! maybe you have 
to congidure x windows in cygwin somehow before it works??

  Tuesday, Nov 4, 2003, at 00:02 America/Chicago, James Ravan wrote:

> Professor,
> Thanks for working out the bug! I editted cm.lisp and finished the
> installation process. I also tried executing xcm and that seemed to 
> work
> also! So, can I abandon trying to get ILISP to work? listener.el seems 
> to be
> doing the same sort of thing...
> regards and thanks,
> -jim
>> I finally got cygwin installed at home on my old dell. To get CM to
>> compile in Cygwin/clisp, edit the file src/cm.lisp and change the 
>> lines
>> #+(and clisp unix)
>> (if (find ':pc386 *features*)
>> to:
>> #+(and clisp unix)
>> (if (or (find ':pc386 *features*)
>> (find ':cygwin *features*))
>> That's it Ill commit the change to CVS tomorrow morning when Im at 
>> work.
>> Ill make a new tarball as soon as I fix a listener.el bug in
>> Emacs/Linux.