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kasti afc_asti@allmail.net
Mon, 12 May 2003 20:58:53 -0800


Now that you´re asking, some days ago I sent a message to the CM-mailing
list asking for a way to get back to the linux shell (stdout) the result
from running or compiling a CM_script file  (just as you said in the blue
documentation), and Rick sent me this answer:

"...on the stdout business, apparently *standard-out* in Lisp is linux
out too so ill add the ability to output to any stream, not just files.
a very simply addition but it wont be ready until somethme next week"

So, it probably would be possible to do it even without an intermediate
score file, but as I guess you probably would know much better than me
how to handle this (I´m a newbie to Csound, Linux and CM (in that
order)), I ask you if you can try this possibility to make it work with
Blue (which in fact helps me A LOT! with Csound) and inform us (blue/CM

Thanks for your attention and excuse me if my syntax/redaction is a
little confusing (english is not my native language).


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