[CM] clmsnd.scm anywhere?

Anders Vinjar anders.vinjar@notam02.no
25 Mar 2003 15:48:44 +0100

(Getting the Guile-ways going now)

Stumbled past a bug in "cm-2.4.0/src/sco.scm" in line-33: the
case statement is not valid (missing a parenthesis around the
'rest lookup, or maybe its meant to be 'else).

    (case (parameter-type par)
      ((required optional key)
         (write-char ,delim ,filv)
         (write ,acc ,filv)))
->    ((rest)
       (let ((v (gensym)))

used to be:

       (let ((v...

Looking at Guile-based CM<->clm/snd work.  Right now im trying to
get opened and closed sound-files to work with (events ..).
Theres a reference to a file "clmsnd.scm" (presumably containing
parts of this work) which i cant find in the dists.  Does anybody
have any remainings around?  Or else this could be based on
something along Snd's "ws.scm".  What are CMs specific needs
vs. io-sound?

Using the .clm way, right now, loading Snds "ws.scm" and saying

  (events (sinus 200 3 20.0 11000.0 0.0725 0.12 0.1) "out.clm")
  (if (sound?) (close-sound))
  (with-sound (:channels 1 :statistics t)
	      (load "test2.clm")))

- works, however i had to hack the function clm-par-print (in
"src/clm.scm") to write out quoted lists (i guess there's more to
this story).  Perhaps someone has a better suggestion to this:

 - src/clm.scm, line 30:

  ((required) `(begin (write-char ,delim ,filv)
                            (if (list? ,acc) (write-char #\' ,filv))
                            (write ,acc ,filv)))