[CM] snd 6.7

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri, 21 Mar 2003 03:33:14 -0800

Snd 6.7:

major improvement in the Ruby support, thanks to Michael Scholz:
  strad.rb and strad.scm (from CLM's strad.ins)
redo renamed redo_edit in Ruby Snd; undo_edit added for consistency.
      also (in Ruby): frame* -> frame_multiply, frame+ -> frame_add,
      mixer* -> mixer_multiply, in -> call_in.
xm-ruby.c, snd-xenv.c, snd-help.c, clm2xen.c, new-effects.scm, and
      popup.scm bugfixes from Michael Scholz
po/de.po improvements from Michael Scholz

added support for audio input in OSX
added clm.c support for mus-x1|x2|y1|y2
added power-env, make-power-env, and power-env-channel to env.scm
added 'no-such-key error (bind-key etc), 'no-data (make-waveshape et al)
      removed 'impossible-bounds (changed to 'out-of-range)
added optional :type indicator to def-clm-struct field description (for run)
moved the contrib files to the main directory
added listener-click-hook with click-for-listener-help in draw.scm.

transform-samples, region-samples, select-mix, clear-audio-inputs,
      and append-to-minibuffer moved to snd6.scm
convolve-arrays renamed vct_convolve!
removed mus_header_write_with_fd from sndlib, and fixed several
      sndlib --prefix bugs.
removed makefile.sgi, makefile.sco5, makefile.uw7, makefile.msv,
      makefile.mklinux, makefile.clm
removed use-sinc-interp

sndlib no longer distinguishes between CLM and Snd versions -- all the
      -DCLM switches have been removed.

added setf method for mus-cosines (David Lowenfels) and fixed a
      CLM/run mus-scaler bug in the sum-of-cosines case.
seconds->samples added to run function in CLM.
mus-length for env, bugfixes in power-env and make-granulate
      from Michael Klingbeil
added instruments written by David Lowenfels:
      good-saw.ins, good-sqr.ins, good-tri.ins
      and state-variable filter: svf.lisp

added color to cmn-store process (Rodrigo Segnini)

checked: Ruby 1.8.0-preview2 (2-Mar-03), gtkglext-0.7.1

with much help from Michael Scholz, Michael Klingbeil, Ludger Brummer,
      David Lowenfels, Cris Ewing, Rodrigo Segnini, Matthew Romaine,
      Patrick Pagano, Juan Reyes