[CM] clmsnd.scm anywhere?

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 10:14:23 -0600

Anders -- Thanks for the bug report(s) - I just finished the 
clm/cmn/csound chapter today and was about to test all that stuff so im 
glad you got there first.

> ->    ((rest)
>        (let ((v (gensym)))


> Theres a reference to a file "clmsnd.scm" (presumably containing
> parts of this work) which i cant find in the dists.

that file is not necessary. basically, the existing  clm2.lisp file 
just needs to be ported to guile/clm.  clm2.lisp contains the hooks
to clm audio file io.  I tested that code in cltl yesterday and (much 
to my suprise) it worked - at least in OpenMCL.

> Using the .clm way, right now, loading Snds "ws.scm" and saying
> (begin
>   (events (sinus 200 3 20.0 11000.0 0.0725 0.12 0.1) "out.clm")
>   (if (sound?) (close-sound))
>   (with-sound (:channels 1 :statistics t)
> 	      (load "test2.clm")))

The clm2.lisp file hooks into clm:init-with-sound -- that is essentail 
what your code is doing.  so -- if clm in guile is now identical to clm 
in cltl  -- then i think if clm2.lisp were just ported to scheme it 
would all work.

>   ((required) `(begin (write-char ,delim ,filv)
>                             (if (list? ,acc) (write-char #\' ,filv))
>                             (write ,acc ,filv)))

i think this is correct -- it should quote lists printed to score files.
ill make a new tarfile on  ccrma with your changes right now, the 
tarfile also has some fixes to patterns in Guile...