[CM] new cm-2.4.0.tar.gz available

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Mon, 10 Mar 2003 18:15:00 -0800

hi nando, thats very odd, i have no idea why this should be any different as
i didnt touch the low-level cmu stuff at all! but there is a variable
'save-cm' (in the cl-user package) that, if set to nil, should make cm NOT
save an image. that way you could load up and keep on working.
is that what you need?
ill have to test this stuff out in cmu tomorrow when im on my linux box.
(when im done with the book im going to turn the examples into a test suite
that ill run everywhere before releasing...)

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> > Ive updated the candidate 2.4.0 release with some new goodies and some
> > bug fixes.
> > i dont anticipate adding much more now execpt bug fixes, its pretty
> > solid.
> It looks like the behavior when compiling under cmu has changed
> (apparently works fine under clisp). When loading cm.lisp the second
> time (everything has been already compiled), the image is saved and then
> lisp exits (this was not happening with the latest cm I built, from
> 01/08/2003). Which is a little premature in my case, as I need to change
> cm-bin-directory, cm-src-directory, set-cm-host-dir and _then_ call
> again save-cm to get a proper image with the right directories... How
> can I change this behavior to the previous one?
> -- Fernando
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