[CM] Problems with SND and rme9652

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
04 Mar 2003 12:25:41 -0800

> The installation went fine (got no errors). The trouble comes when I want to 
> do something useful like below:
> Playback: I can open a .wav ripped from cd, but when I hit play, I get an 
> error: 
> [20:38:48] alsa_audio_open: hw:0,0: access type RW_INTERLEAVED not available
> [20:38:48] can't play : alsa_audio_open:  hw:0,0: access type RW_INTERLEAVED 
> not available
> This is probably something very simple, ut I don't know where to look!

The current alsa driver code for snd cannot access non-interleaved cards
(my fault :-). This has been a problem for some time. A fix is in the
way but progress has been slow due to lack of time... Bill has already
added most of the necessary infrastructure to sndlib and I have a half
working test implementation (as a bonus this will make it possible to
add some form of jack support). 

You can bypass the problem for output by using an environment variable
to force snd to use the plughw alsa device which does format
conversions. Try starting snd (assuming you are using bash as the shell)
like this:

  SNDLIB_ALSA_DEVICE="plughw:0" snd

-- Fernando