[CM] Reverberation Question

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
04 Mar 2003 16:55:50 -0800

> Currently, it seems that the behavior for reverb in a with-sound (or
> clm-load) is as follows:
> 	If a reverb is specified (via :reverb keyword parameter for
> 	with-sound) then one or more channels of reverb are created
> 	(dependant on :reverb-channels parameter).
> 	An output file is created which holds only the send to the reverb,
> 	and then the reverberated sound is mixed back in with the direct
> 	sound in the final output file.
> What I am wondering is this: would it be possible to modify this behavior
> so that if no :reverb argument was given (or if the argument given was
> NIL), and :reverb-channels was specified to be some number greater than 0,
> then the reverb send material would be written as additional channels on
> the output file?  Alternatively (and perhaps better), the reverb file that
> gets written anyway could still be written and then the reverb mixing step
> could be skipped

Well, an ugly hack and workaround would be to write a "null" reverb
instrument that always reads the reverb stream and writes 0's to the
output so that only zeroes get merged into the main soundfile (I said it
was a hack!)

That would give you the original file without reverb and the reverb

-- Fernando