[CM] Large print troubles with CMN

Ruven Gottlieb igadget@earthlink.net
Wed, 10 Dec 2003 04:51:12 -0500


I'm trying to use CMN to produce large-print music,
I'm using these settings to get just two piano staves (bass and treble 
systems with braces) per page:

    (size 45)
    (output-file "Foo.eps")
    (all-output-in-one-file t)
    (beam-slope-trigger 0)

;;; For landscape layout
    (matrix '(0 1 -1 0 500 0))    
    (page-width 11.0)
    (page-height 8.0)
    (left-margin 0.5)
    (right-margin 0.5)
    (header-margin 1.0)
    (footer-margin 0)
;;; (system-separation 1.0)

...but I'm having the following troubles:

1. I want to duplex-print the music. I set "(all-output-in-one-file t)", 
but page breaks don't work when printing via gv to a Brother HL-1670N 
through CUPS with Foomatic + Postscript, so both "pages" get printed on 
one side of the paper.

2. I'd like to be able to set the number of measures per line, is there 
a way to do that?

3. For a small number of measures, say eight, CMN doesn't divide them 
evenly between systems. I get six measures on the top system, and two 
measures on the bottom.