[CM] snd on osx, success

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon, 08 Dec 2003 04:30:03 -0800

 > [13:20:43] "Syntax error in fixed argument declaration."

Are you using Guile 1.4 or earlier?  This error normally means
you've hit a use of the newer "optarg" package.  There's a note
about it in README.Snd, but it might be enough to load
"fix-optargs.scm" before anything else.

You can type (backtrace) when you hit an
error and, if you're lucky, it will give you a filename and line number.

I haven't updated to OSX 10.3 yet, and I'm not sure what
openmotif3 is -- version 2.3?  You can find out if GL is
working by trying a spectrogram.

Thanks for the info -- I'll look into automating some of
that stuff.

 > When using the help
 > system, it was trying to open the html docs with mozilla, which I
 > don't have.

This should be the html-program variable:

(set! (html-program) "safari")