[CM] snd 6.8

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat, 26 Apr 2003 04:35:00 -0700

Snd 6.8:

More good stuff from Michael Scholz:
  new files: index.rb, maxf.scm, maxf.rb, noise.scm, noise.rb, freeverb.rb, freeverb.scm
  additions to examp.rb, dlocsig.rb, and ws.rb

added --with-x11 configuration switch for xg+X
removed files: fix-bar, makefile.motif.osx, makefile.gtk.osx, config.gtk.osx, config.motif.osx
removed sndlib functions: audio-state-file, mus_audio_mixer_save,
    mus_audio_mixer_restore, mus_header_update, mus_file_full_name
fft-cancel (examp.scm)
init-with-sound and finish-with-sound in ws.scm (for CM)
moved dismiss-all-dialogs to snd6.scm
change-property -> change-window-property (old form in snd6.scm)
samples function now returns a vct to be consistent with everything else
OSX audio can handle non-built-in devices (emagic 2|6 was used in testing)
check-for-unsaved-edits arg defaults to #t now
added several more header readers

in CLM, from Fernando:
  grani.ins: added option for sending grains to all channels
  dlocsig.lisp: cmu gnuplot code

with much help from: Michael Scholz, Oded Ben-Tal, Hugo Villeneuve, Rick Taube,
    Michael Klingbeil, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, Todd Ingalls, Patrick Pagano,
    Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs, Juan Reyes, Jean-Philippe Georget

checked: fftw 2.1.5, fftw 3.0, RedHat 9.0, cmucl 18e, guile 1.6.4.