[CM] Re: notation (my last 2 cents and final wish.)

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Mon, 7 Oct 2002 17:58:46 -0700

my last two cents on notation:  one possibility might be to write some lisp
code that derives the IRCAM  format for their finale plugin from the cmn
score object. this probably would not be all that much work. but if that
ability were there, then algos could still write to CMN just as they do now,
CMN  could still do its layout and still write eps files to look at, but
then it would also have the ablilty to send the stuff over to finale when
its looks correct.  the advantage with this solution is that is just uses
the stuff thats already lying around.

> However, I eventually round everything off to quarter- or
> sixth-tones when working with acoustic instruments, and while CMN,
> Sibelius, and Finale all have some microtonal capabilities, none (to my
> knowledge - I'd love to be proven wrong) knows how to take the output
> from a program like CM or OpenMusic (or even a midi file with pitch-bend
> data) and supply the necessary micorotonal accidentals.

again, if that "glue" were in CMN, then you could simply define a Tuning
object in CM and use those symbols to represent the eact spelling you want
for your quarter tones. then you would compose in Hertz and use (note hz :to
qtone) or whatever to derive your spellings. and again, that code already