some observations, was Re: [CM] a to-snd question

Dave Phillips
Tue, 01 Oct 2002 08:33:49 -0400

Bill Schottstaedt wrote:

> I religiously copy this line to all my .cshrc's -- I have no idea
> what it does -- it's probably completely irrelevant:
> stty erase '^H' intr '^C'

If it's good enough for Bill, I'll try it.  ;)
[re: foreign function interface in CMUCL]

> Done.  I think openmcl and sbcl would also work, but I got sidetracked.

Cool, I'll test it this morning. Thank you !
> > The xcmnw binary works fine, it's just not getting
> > called from any of the LISPs I've tried.
> Odd -- this is my standard way of testing cmn, so I'm sure it works
> in at least ACL -- I'll check cmucl...

I know it worked with ACL 4.3 but the 6.2 trial version won't compile
CMN (heap limitation) so I couldn't test it against that LISP. It didn't
work for CMUCL or CLISP.

[re: LISP in AGNULA]

> If it's clisp, then forget it -- use planetccrma.

I think it will be CMUCL. If I can get the foreign function thing
happening in CLM and the call to xcmnw in CMN then we'll be set with a
completely free LISP doing the job.
> Common Lisp in general needs a set of tools to parallel C's make and autoconf;
> I am resisting the urge to editorialize...  I'll try to make that part of
> the documentation less dependent on the reader's knowledge of lisp.

Thanks, Bill. I really do plan on seriously trying to learn more about
LISP. I should think the Guile background I've picked up working with
Snd would help: am I correct in thinking so ?

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