[CM] Let's hear from CM 1.x users(?)

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Wed, 20 Nov 2002 06:07:43 -0600

>Uh-oh, I'm very sorry for this, but in fact I mispoke. It wasn't
>linked-to that I miss but def-multipleitem! Sorry to make you think
>about the linked-to feature this much!

i will add back define-multiple-item when i get a chance. 

>Apart from this, well, the main thing obviously is the absence of
>Stella, and the "archive" function. However I realise that CM seems to
>be geared toward a pure algorithmic style of composition; hence my
>longing for those sequencer-type features might be out of place.

'archive' is still there. its called save-object. all of the container mapping functions are steill there too.

>Nevertheless, I did find Stella very usefull and was able to use it as a
>sort of sequencer, with _very_ powerfull algorithmic capalities.

yes, but plotter's 'algoritmic' editing is much nicer still -- its basically a sequencer for any type of object and has nice algo editiing capabilities. the main reasons i made a cm 2.4.0 was to get into guile so i can build a plotter-like interface for CM on something other than the mac. so with cm-2.4-0 i will be able to do it plus let people run in cl and scheme at the same time. scheme is nice in its own right because its much easer to teach.

>Another feature that I remember seeing is that I thought you could
>attach a seperate lisp random state to every pattern. But now that I'm
>looking back on the CM 1.x documentation, I can't find such a thing, so
>maybe I was just dreaming (!?)

sheesh, you can still to that in cm-2.4.0! heaps and random have a :state initarg.