[CM] Let's hear from CM 1.x users(?)

Larry Troxler lt@westnet.com
Tue, 19 Nov 2002 21:01:17 -0500

Rick Taube wrote:
> >After working with the latest version, and realizing how much time i've
> >spent trying to re-implement things like the linked-to pattern, and
> >stella; I've had a thought to try to get this old version working again,
> id be interested in learning the full list of things you are missing -- ive tried to support every feature that wasn't a total hack in the newr versions while also trying to make the system feel more like a natual extension to a language rather than some oddity with its own rules.
> for example i think you can get the same effect as the linked-to feature you want just by using a transposer object and a 'pval' pattern value. 

Uh-oh, I'm very sorry for this, but in fact I mispoke. It wasn't
linked-to that I miss but def-multipleitem! Sorry to make you think
about the linked-to feature this much!

Apart from this, well, the main thing obviously is the absence of
Stella, and the "archive" function. However I realise that CM seems to
be geared toward a pure algorithmic style of composition; hence my
longing for those sequencer-type features might be out of place.

Nevertheless, I did find Stella very usefull and was able to use it as a
sort of sequencer, with _very_ powerfull algorithmic capalities.

Another feature that I remember seeing is that I thought you could
attach a seperate lisp random state to every pattern. But now that I'm
looking back on the CM 1.x documentation, I can't find such a thing, so
maybe I was just dreaming (!?)

Larry Troxler