[CM] Let's hear from CM 1.x users(?)

Torsten Anders t.anders@qub.ac.uk
18 Nov 2002 16:19:23 +0000

Dear Rick,

For my compositional work I still use the old CM 1. I mainly use its
score data structure. I generate the score in some non-CM way, but use
CM to generate output into various formats.

In CM 2 I miss parts of this score data structure. Especially, I miss
that containers determine the timing order of their elements in
different ways (as once containers called 'thread' and 'merge'). The new
container type 'seq' is similar to 'merge', something similar to
'thread' is missing (is it?). I know I could mimic a thread by
specifying offset times, but I prefer the abstraction of a thread. 

Because I mainly generate a score using own functions (i.e. I would
probably not use the 'process' macro of CM 2), I also miss some
functions of the old API in CM 2. I did not check that carefully, but I
did not found functions as add-object, object-position, print-object

Anyway, perhaps I want to use CM in a way it is not mainly intended for,
namely just as a toolbox to develop my own programs. So I only wrote
this down, because you indirectly asked the list something like this.

Kind regards,

On Mon, 2002-11-18 at 15:20, Rick Taube wrote:
> >After working with the latest version, and realizing how much time i've
> >spent trying to re-implement things like the linked-to pattern, and
> >stella; I've had a thought to try to get this old version working again,
> id be interested in learning the full list of things you are missing -- ive tried to support every feature that wasn't a total hack in the newr versions while also trying to make the system feel more like a natual extension to a language rather than some oddity with its own rules.

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