[CM] CMN in CM 2.3.4?

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Sat, 16 Nov 2002 06:10:37 -0600

>Well, now, after making my ins-staffer definition and putting it in the
>staffer slot; if I try to render something (which renders ok to csound),
>lisp just hangs up eating CPU and memory.

you will have to trace this to see what/where it is going wrong. the first thing to determine is if it is cm sending stuff to CMN that is causeing the problem or if the problem is happening in cmn processing the data.

you might try this:
(trace cmn::finish-clm-input)

and the do a run
if you see cmn::finish-clm-input being called then the problem is happening in cmn code. if not, its happeing on the cm side. 
once you figures this out, start tracing the data to see if anything looks odd.

>So there is still something I need to do. One thing that comes to mind,
>is what do I do with events that should not be scored in CMN?

i think they wont get sent unless they have a CMN method defined for write-event.

>For example, my output stream has a number of csound f-statement events,
>which I would like to be ignored as far as CMN goes.
>Larry Troxler