[CM] CMN in CM 2.3.4?

Larry Troxler lt@westnet.com
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 22:31:07 -0500

Rick Taube wrote:
> >   Can't determine container for #e(22-ins :pan 0.8 :fn 76 :hz 68.29566
> >:amp 7000 :dur 0.4 :time 0.016110051 :ins 22).
> You have to set up some mechanism for determninig which staff a note belongs to. looking at >your data it seems as if your ins slot would do the trick.
> look for a function called channel-staffer (i think) in cmn.lisp.

> this function does this for midi notes using the "channel" data.
> THe simplist thing would be to define a function, say ins-staffer
> that does the exact same thing as channel-staffer but using your ins slot.
> then specify this as the :staffer value to the cmn file
> (io "foo.cmn" :staffer #'ins-staffer)

Thanks so much. It seems that it was my problem (well my first problem
anyway - see below).
I got thrown off because the default value for the staffer slot is
container-staff and not channel-staffer. 

Of course since this is csound the instrument number is actually n.xxx,
where xxx is the voice number. But this seems to be not a problem
because it would only put each voice on a seperate staff, which is
probably ok for a first look.

Well, now, after making my ins-staffer definition and putting it in the
staffer slot; if I try to render something (which renders ok to csound),
lisp just hangs up eating CPU and memory.

So there is still something I need to do. One thing that comes to mind,
is what do I do with events that should not be scored in CMN?
For example, my output stream has a number of csound f-statement events,
which I would like to be ignored as far as CMN goes.


Larry Troxler