[CM] debuggin ligeti

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 11:49:04 -0600

please dont bother with this example until i have time to get a new tarball out. it cant possibly work correctly in 2.4.0. I DO have it fixed now, and i'll make an update release as soon as i get openmcl going -- its only a matter of days.

>Tobias Kunze Briseņo wrote:
>> hm.  i managed to load it with the attached diffs applied.  however,
>> the logic seems to be screwed up (flow is different from my original),
>> so i guess that didn't cut it.
>> re rewrite, the (original cm 1.3) source is at:
>>    http://ccrma-www.stanford.edu/~tkunze/publ/99/desordre/ligeti.html
>> there is also a midi file, if that's all what you wanted ;)
>Thank you for the diffs, Tobias. I'd already "fixed" things through the
>first three event calls, but I'm having trouble with desordre-woctaves
>and desordre-voices. I'll send a full report when I've checked out the
>errors more closely.
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