[CM] snd 6.3

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed, 13 Nov 2002 04:29:10 -0800

Snd 6.3:

many improvements to examp.rb and bess.rb from Michael Scholz
many improvements to edit123.scm from Tom Roth
open-next-file-in-directory in examp.scm (suggested by Tom Roth)
run-compatible chain-dsps in examp.scm (suggested by Cris Ewing)
upon-save-yourself and upon-take-focus in snd-motif.scm
added edpos arg to find-mark
added origin arg to bind-key
added peaks-font and bold-peaks-font
added -I switch to add a directory to the load path (guile and ruby)
Ruby version now sets up a plausible initial value for $:
Gtk version cleaned up.
  xg additions for Gtk+-2.1
  added gtk-popup.scm (popup.scm translated to xg module)
  added gtk-popup-hook for gtk-popup.scm
  draw-axes and xm-enved.scm now work in Gtk as well as Motif.
  added snd-gtk.scm (partial snd-motif.scm translation).
  added gtk-effects.scm (translation of Dave Phillips' new-effects.scm)

checked: Guile 1.7 in OSX

CLM: added maxf.ins thanks to Juan Reyes
     removed clmnet.lisp/c
CMN: new output-type :Braille

with much help from: Michael Scholz, Bill Sack, Stefan Schwandter, Tom Roth,
  Paul Kirk, Ruven Gottlieb, Anders Vinjar, Juan Reyes