[CM] snd 5.12

NJCross kcross@linex.com
Mon, 15 Jul 2002 11:29:18 -0700

Thankyou,found the snd-5-12.src.rpm. -Duh!

re: marks-menu etc.examp.scm did the trick. I'm getting a very spiffy 'snd'
these days w/new icons,colours,new menus etc!

One last thing,I keep getting :

[11:16:37] scm_lreadr: end of file in string constant

; (load "/root/my_scm/edit-menu.scm")
(while loading "/root/my_scm/edit-menu.scm")
[11:16:37] Unbound variable: play-until-c-g

; (load "/root/my_scm/special-menu.scm")
(while loading "/root/my_scm/special-menu.scm")

How do I correct this?
Many thanks.

On Monday 15 July 2002 04:50'ish Bill Schottstaedt wrote:
> > Dependency Problem:
> > /home/bil/test/bin/guile is needed by snd-5-12
> Argh!  I don't remember changing anything -- will check.
> > Also,I'm uncertain of the relationship between the source 'snd-5.tar.gz',
> > which has always compiled OK on YDL 2.2, and all 'snd-5-(11)(12) files.
> > Is it possible to get a source 'snd-5-12.tar.gz'or should this be
> > unnecessary
> snd-5.tar.gz at ccrma-ftp is a sort of daily snapshot (except that
> it always works!).  snd-5-12 is the same as snd-5.12.  The source
> that corresponds to snd-5-12.i386.rpm is in snd-5-12.src.rpm.
> > As regards the '.scm' extensions by Dave Phillips; how can I permanently
> > compile this into 'snd' so that I don't have to start 'snd' with  snd -l
> > misc.scm ?
> There isn't (yet?) a compiler for the .scm files, but you can get them
> loaded automatically by including the load statement(s) in your ~/.snd
> file:
> (load "misc.scm")
> or whatever (it may need a full path here).
> > Also finding that 'marks-menu.scm' and 'marks.scm' still causes
> > 'unbound variable: mark-loops' type errors.
> marks-menu uses mark-loops which is (currently) defined in examp.scm,
> so you need to load that file also, or, perhaps better, we should
> move mark-loops to marks.scm.