[CM] CLM/Snd problems

Dave Phillips dlphilp@bright.net
Wed, 04 Dec 2002 08:32:29 -0500

Bill Schottstaedt wrote:

> > * (send-snd "(open-sound \"/home/dlphilp/comment_instr.wav\")")
> > -1    ;;; <--- Snd does start here but without loading the soundfile
> I bet this is a timing problem -- when CLM has to start Snd itself,
> it has to wait for it to get started before sending any commands.
> I currently wait 1 second, just as a wild guess. I suppose I could
> add (yet another) layer of handshakes, but this entire part of CLM
> is problematic.

I can start-snd and send-snd okay now, but only in standalone-CLM mode,
still not via the cm.core image. (As of this morning 4 Dec 02).

Btw, I'm not sure my problems with with-sound are due to a fault in CLM.
For some reason it segfaults on my laptop but not on the desktop
machine. The machines do differ:


  800 MHz Duron
  512 MB RAM
  15 GB hd
  Linux kernel 2.4.5
  ALSA 0.9.0beta10


  366 MHz PII
  256 MB RAM
  6 GB hd
  Linux kernel 2.4.18
  ALSA 0.9.0beta10
  CS4232 audio chipset

Both systems use the same CCRMA apps and the same version of CMUCL. Both
also use the same window manager (Blackbox). The sound systems differ
greatly though: the CS4232 is barely do-able, but since the ALSA
versions are the same I'm not sure if there's the problem.

== dp