[CM] new tar of cm-2.4.0

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Mon, 2 Dec 2002 06:43:40 -0600

ive put a new tar file of the candidate 2.4.0 on the ccrma server


o fixed the CMN clef problem and changed the staffing setup to work on a per score basis as it did in the past. see intro.cm -- the example has changed to reflect this.

o added back the i and f classes for csound.  the f class has an "env" slot
you can set to a list of data. look at the end of src/sco.scm for an example.

o &rest parameter declaration in defobject now works for csound as well as clm. this allows subclasses of f to "spread" their envelopes in the sco file .

o cm.lisp prints better information at end of compiles.

o cm now imports ext:load-foreign in CMUCL so hopefull you can compile/load .ins files again.

please note: i dont have time to test now (ill do alot of testing at the end f december...) so let me know if/what problems you encounter with the new cmn/csound stuff and ill fix it asap.