[CM] Re: (CM) CLM2 Mac Lib make failure

Michael Klingbeil michael@klingbeil.com
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 14:45:16 -0400

Just to confirm your findings, I am getting the exact same results. I 
am going to dig through this and see if I can fix the problem. There 
were some changes made to try to allow loading of shared libraries in 
locations other than the Extensions folder, but clearly this is not 
working. I *have* gotten this to work under CLM 1, so it should be 


>Great! The new CLM compiles fine, creates the CLM library, and installs it
>in the Extensions folder.
>However, when I compile an instrument, I get an error like:
>;Compiling "Macintosh
>HD:Battey:Studio:Research:Gamak:picacs:clm:clm-fm:fm.ins"...; Writing
>"Macintosh HD:Battey:Studio:Research:Gamak:picacs:clm:clm-
>; Compiling "Macintosh
>; Warning: Can't find entry point "clm_fm9" in shared library "clm_fm9"
>And when I try to run the instrument:
>>  Error: Can't find "clm_fm0" in shared library "clm_fm0".
>>         FindSymbol error number -2802
>>  While executing: CCL::GET-FRAG-SYMBOL
>With some order of action I can actually get the instrument to run 
>-- but it is
>not yet clear to me what sequence of compiling / loading /  quitting /
>reloading gets it to work. In any case, it clearly isn't functioning normally.
>On Tue, 23 Apr 2002, Bill Schottstaedt wrote:
>>  I added strdup support to the MPW_C section of sndlib; checked
>>  that it was ok on an old Mac running MCL; will make a new CLM
>>  tarball later today.  Here's the relevent code (io.c):
>>  #ifdef MPW_C
>>  /* this taken from libit-0.7 */
>>  char *strdup (const char *str)
>>  {
>>    char *newstr;
>>    newstr = (char *)malloc(strlen(str) + 1);
>>    if (newstr) strcpy(newstr, str);
>>    return(newstr);
>>  }
>>  #endif
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