[PlanetCCRMANews] GMorgan0.70 tar file available from Sourceforge.

Robert Vogel vogel at ct.metrocast.net
Thu Aug 28 19:22:46 PDT 2014

Download the Gmorgan 0.70 tar file from Sourceforge.com. Don't use svn, 
it is not updated.

Gmorgan is a midi processor. It can be voiced using Linux synths, midi 
connected equipment, or using one or more of the many soundcards 
available. I like to use a velocity sensing keyboard so that voices can 
be mixed or layered. It recognizes chords being played on the keyboard, 
and on the background terminal prints the input notes in both numeric 
and alpha form. Other features include a rhythm arranger, a style based 
sequencer, midi recorder. See the Youtube video links from the 
sourceforge home page.

GMorgan .70, the latest version for GNU/Linux, incorporates a new drum 
pattern panel based on the FLTK spreadsheet example, and
includes some miscellaneous cleanup.

Runs well on Ubuntu 12.4 with proprietary NVidia drivers.

If you have tried it before, be sure to go to Settings->global, renew 
the file paths to the current .70 gmorgan directory, and save them. The 
sound file has been renamed sounds.gmox and slightly reformatted, so 
results could be unpredictable if you don't at least reset this file.


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