[PlanetCCRMANews] What is to become concerning real time in Linux kernel

Yoann LE BARS yoann at le-bars.net
Mon Aug 18 18:42:47 PDT 2014

Hello everybody out there!

	As it is my first post to this mailing list, let me introduce myself

	I am a long time musician (I started in sometime like 1985), mostly
using acoustic instruments. I am also a Unix (including GNU/Linux) user
since quite a while (starting in 1997). Of course, when I need a
computer for music, I use Planet CCRMA.

	The reason I am posting today is I have some question about soft
real-time Linux kernel future.

	During Real Time Linux Workshop in November 2013, developers involved
in the real-time patch have indicated the project will be done in 2014,
“one way or another” (<http://lwn.net/Articles/572740/>). In this
workshop, it has also been said that 95 % of the real-time work was
already upstream.

	The question was how will it be done? In considering that the 95 % is
good enough? In getting the rest of the code upstream – which imply an
important effort and several people involved in it? Something between
these two options?

	As SCHED_DEADLINE has been incorporated into Linux 3.14 kernel
(<http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTU3Njk>), it seems
to me that it has been decided to get some more code upstream. Still,
the question remains: what way will be the project done? Moreover, as I
am using Fedora 20, I can choose between real-time Linux kernel 3.12
from Planet CCRMA and Fedora’s mainstream 3.15 kernel. What about
real-time capabilities of the 3.15 kernel in contrast with the 3.12
real-time kernel?

	Does anyone have any more information about it? As for my part, I
cannot find anything more.



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