[PlanetCCRMA] Includes DAW and Synths?

Martyn Cox coxy at fastmail.com
Sun Oct 18 10:27:19 PDT 2020


Can someone advise Planet CCRMA a one box audio solution for linux or will I still need to source a DAW and plugin synths, effects etc? Wiki is sparse on detail, from what I understand it is an OS with lowest latencies for audio baked in but it’s not clear on whether it comes with DAW baked in or not.

I’m collating all software I can for an off-line install on a dedicated linux audio machine with no inet so ideally want to grab everything I can now before I attempt. I don;’t want to be left high and dry once PlanetCCRMA is installed that I can’t actually make any music or produce any sounds with virtual synthesizers.

Thanks in advance

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