[PlanetCCRMA] State of Fedora 26 repo

Bernardo Barros bernardobarros at gmail.com
Wed Oct 25 15:57:22 PDT 2017

On 10/25/17 18:18, Yury Bulka wrote:
> Sure, there's no guarantee in anything, even unit/integration tests
> passing, etc. But using a bundled version of a library doesn't guarantee
> anything either. For instance, on my system, with the planetccrma
> package, I have a segfault of sclang each time when I run M-x
> sclang-stop in emacs (although luckily I don't need it running by then;)

You will have much less chances of having problems if you stick to the 
libraries that the project was developed with. Specially boost, which is 
not stable. There is a reason for this cmake option.

I know that's a policy from some distributions, but it doesn't mean it's 
a good idea.

> I'm curious though about the other third-party libraries that are
> bundled with SC and how to deal with them. With the help of nice people
> on #fedora-devel, we identified the libraries that are bundled with SC but
> not available in fedora yet:
> - tlsf
> - jackey (a header-only single file)
> - nova-simd
> - nova-tt
> - oscpack
> Probably, they should be packaged separately, but I need to research it
> a bit more.

This is something different. nova-* libraries were written by a former 
SC developer, and they were made to work with SC from the start.

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