[PlanetCCRMA] new computer - hp spectre

Oded Ben-Tal obental at gmail.com
Fri May 5 12:54:55 PDT 2017

So, I finally got my new computer on Wednesday and I can give some
preliminary report in case you are interested.
I got a 15" HP spectre with SSD HD.
Install Fedora was not a real problem (I made some mistakes along the way
about partitioning but that is entirly my own fault. No damage just lost a
few hours trying to sort the mess I created )
I tried getting the nvidia card to work but I couldn't get the akmod kernel
to compile. I also see some acpi related errors, and yesterday it froze
when I tried to shut it down. Many restarts were fine. I got the rt kernel
installed and was able to get the sound interface (rme babyface as
recommended here) working. It seems to be working better then on my older
thinkpad. But only tested very briefly.
So I'm using the integrated graphic for now, not nvidia. The screen is
large and very high resolution and I'm not sure the desktop environment
(I've been using xfce, maybe I should have chose kde?) is designed for
that. Still, after tweaking the settings, enlarging the fonts etc. I'm
getting used to it.
On the plus side - it is very, very quiet which was one of the main reasons
I opted for this one.
One other thing, though, it onlyl has one usb port. Which may be a limiting
factor I have not considered carefully enough.
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