[PlanetCCRMA] Error when trying to run Ardour

Yoann LE BARS yoann at le-bars.net
Thu Apr 7 19:14:07 PDT 2016

Hello everybody out there!

On 07/04/2016 23:55, Yann Collette wrote:
> That's a problem: you need to add your "yoann" user to the group jackuser.
> This can be done via the following command:
> |useradd -G jackuser yoann
> as a root user

	To avoid loosing every other groups, I think one should really use “-a”:

# usermod -a -G jackuser yoann

	Which leads to:

$ groups
yoann wheel jackuser

	With this configuration, I can create a new project.

	Best regards.

Diaspora* : ylebars at framasphere.org

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