[PlanetCCRMA] Future of puredata in PlanetCCRMA

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Apr 1 10:02:59 PDT 2016

On 03/31/2016 09:43 AM, Felix Homann wrote:
> Hi Fernando,

Hi Felix,

> 2016-03-31 16:36 GMT+02:00 Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando at ccrma.stanford.edu>:
>> I'll package something of course, obviously vanilla pd first and then
>> extensions as needed.
> That's great! Thank you in advance!!

Don't get too happy, it will be at least two weeks before I can even 
start working on this.

>> Do you have a pointer to a current good list of
>> packages that should be available? Maybe pointers to Debian?
> In Debian you have these packages:

Ah, thanks for the info!

Yes, many many packages. The more things change, the more they stay the 
same. Sigh. Many years ago I used to package all of pd-extended as 
separate packages for each external for more modularity. At some point I 
gave up (that was a LOT of work) and bundled everything into just one 
package. And before that I used to package just pd and a few externals, 
for example ggee - the oldest reference I have handy to that is from 

So, full circle and back to the future... Oh well.

It does make sense to replicate the package structure and naming (within 
reason) that Debian uses.

-- Fernando

(PS: ideally a volunteer would step forward at this point and move 
vanilla pd and the rest of the pd world to Fedora proper :-)

> puredata - realtime computer music and graphics system
> puredata-core - realtime computer music and graphics system - core components
> puredata-dev - realtime computer music and graphics system - development files
> puredata-doc - realtime computer music and graphics system - documentation
> puredata-extra - realtime computer music and graphics system - extra files
> puredata-gui - realtime computer music and graphics system - GUI
> puredata-import - Pd object for loading libraries within a patch
> puredata-utils - realtime computer music and graphics system - utility programs
> deken - Externals wrangler for Pure Data - upload utility
> multimedia-puredata - Packages for working with Pure Data
> pd-deken - Externals wrangler for Pure Data
> Where puredata-extras bundles:
> bob~
> bonk~
> choice
> complex-mod~
> expr~
> expr
> fexpr~
> fiddle~
> hilbert~
> import
> loop~
> lrshift~
> sigmund~
> pd~
> pique
> rev1~
> rev2~
> rev3~
> stdout
> And here's the list of packaged externals:
> pd-3dp - openGL extensions for PDP
> pd-arraysize - Pd object to report the size of an array
> pd-aubio - aubio external for PureData
> pd-bassemu - a Pd object for transistor bass emulation
> pd-beatpipe - realtime scheduler/event-delay/quantizer object for Pd
> pd-boids - a Pd library for the "boids" flocking simulator algorithm
> pd-bsaylor - library of FFT-based Pd objects by Ben Saylor
> pd-comport - Pd object for reading and writing to serial ports
> pd-csound - Csound external for PureData
> pd-cxc - Pd library for working with patterns and numbers
> pd-cyclone - Pd library of clones of Max/MSP 4.5 objects
> pd-earplug - binaural filter based on KEMAR impulse measurement for Pd
> pd-ekext - Pd objects for music information retrieval and polyphony control
> pd-ext13 - a collection of file and message objects for Pd by dieb13
> pd-fftease - live spectral sound processors for Pd
> pd-flite - Speech synthesis for Pd
> pd-freeverb - studio-quality Schroeder/Moorer reverb as a Pd object
> pd-hcs - a Pd library of experiments in UNIX, the Pd GUI, and more
> pd-hid - Pd object for getting data from USB HID devices
> pd-iemambi - Pd-objects for Ambisonics sound spatialization
> pd-iemlib - collection of general purpose objects and filters for Pure Data
> pd-iemmatrix - Pd-objects for simple matrix operations
> pd-jmmmp - a collection of Pd GUI objects for musical performance
> pd-libdir - provides support for the libdir library format for Pd
> pd-list-abs - a library of list operations for Pd
> pd-lua - lua bindings for Pure Data
> pd-lyonpotpourri - potpourri of Pd objects for synthesizing with audio
> pd-mapping - Pd library for creatively mapping data
> pd-markex - Pd library of misc objects from Mark Danks
> pd-maxlib - Pd library for analysing musical performance
> pd-mjlib - library of Pd objects for composing music
> pd-moonlib - library of Pd objects related to GUI control
> pd-motex - a random collection of Pd objects by Iain Mott
> pd-osc - Open Sound Control for Pd
> pd-pan - library of stereo panning algorithms for Pd
> pd-pddp - support library for the Pure Data Documentation Project
> pd-pdogg - collection of Ogg/Vorbis objects for Pd
> pd-pdp - Graphics system for Pd
> pd-pdstring - Pd-objects for string manipulation
> pd-plugin - LADSPA and VST plug-in hosting for Pd
> pd-pmpd - physical modeling library for Pd
> pd-purepd - a library of standard objects re-implemented using Pd-vanilla
> pd-readanysf - Pd object for reading multiple audio file formats
> pd-sigpack - signal processing effects library for Pd
> pd-smlib - Pd library for mapping DSP data to controls
> pd-vbap - Pd library for Vector Base Amplitude Panning spatialization
> pd-wiimote - Pd object for accessing the wiimote controller
> pd-windowing - library of windowing functions in Pd
> pd-zexy - General Purpose addon library for Pd
> pd-chaos - Pd library for calculating various chaotic attractors
> pd-cmos - digital logic emulator objects for Pure Data (Pd)
> pd-creb - Tom's bag of trick for Pure Data (Pd)
> pd-deken - Externals wrangler for Pure Data
> pd-extendedview - toolkit for panoramic image creation and projection mapping
> pd-ggee - Pd library of GUI controls, synths, filters, and more
> pd-gil - Geometry Interaction Library for Pure Data / Gem
> pd-hexloader - enable Pd-objects with funny characters
> pd-iem - Pure Data - the IEM flavour
> pd-iemguts - Pd-Objects for meta patching
> pd-iemnet - Pd library for low-level networking (IEM implementation)
> pd-iemtab - Pd-objects for table manipulation
> pd-iemutils - collection of general purpose objects for Pure Data
> pd-kollabs - data management and state saving for Pure Data
> pd-log - small Pure Data library for logging
> pd-mediasettings - programmatically modify the audio and MIDI settings
> from within Pd
> pd-mrpeach - bag of tricks for Pure Data (Pd)
> pd-mrpeach-net - Pd library for low-level networking
> pd-nusmuk - random collection of useful Pd objects
> pd-pduino - interfacing with the Arduino from within Pure Data (Pd)
> pd-puremapping - Pd library for complex data mappings
> pd-purest-json - Pd library for working with JSON data and RESTful webservices
> pd-rtclib - Real Time Composition Library for Pure Data (Pd)
> pd-slip - SLIP encoder/decoder for Pure Data (Pd)
> pd-syslog - syslog facilities for Pd
> pd-tclpd - Tcl objects for Pure Data (Pd)
> pd-testtools - unit test framework for Pure Data (Pd)
> pd-unauthorized - library of Pd objects for streaming and GUI control
> pd-xbee - interfacing with your XBee from within Pure Data (Pd)
> Yes, I know these are a lot of packages, sorry ;-)
> Kind regards,
> Felix

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