[PlanetCCRMA] Fedora 20 64-bit 3.12.5.-302.rt7.1

Don Estabrook don.estabrook at gmail.com
Sun Jan 19 15:28:40 PST 2014

Sorry for the delay.

On 2014-01-18 12:16 -0600, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano
<nando at ccrma.stanford.edu> wrote:
> On 01/17/2014 01:56 PM, Don Estabrook wrote:
>> On my HP Elitebook 8540w (Intel i7 @ 2.67 GHz, 8 GiB RAM, nouveau nVidia
>> driver) ... the computer freezes when I try
>> to suspend, requiring a hard power-off to reboot.
> I have not tried to suspend that kernel, I'll try on Monday on my test
> laptop. Anything left in the logs from the failed suspend?

Not that I can see, but I'm pretty new with systemd and friends, so I
may not be looking in the right place.  Here are the last few events
that jounralctl reports for that boot:

> Jan 17 14:25:43 systemd[1]: Starting Network Manager Script Dispatcher Service...
> Jan 17 14:25:43 dbus-daemon[963]: dbus[963]: [system] Successfully activated service 'org.freedesktop.nm_dispatcher'
> Jan 17 14:25:43 dbus[963]: [system] Successfully activated service 'org.freedesktop.nm_dispatcher'
> Jan 17 14:25:43 systemd[1]: Started Network Manager Script Dispatcher Service.
> Jan 17 14:25:43 chronyd[975]: Can't synchronise: no reachable sources
> Jan 17 14:25:47 systemd-logind[962]: Delay lock is active but inhibitor timeout is reached.
> Jan 17 14:25:47 systemd[1]: Starting Sleep.
> Jan 17 14:25:47 systemd[1]: Reached target Sleep.
> Jan 17 14:25:47 systemd[1]: Starting Suspend...
> Jan 17 14:25:47 systemd-sleep[9388]: Suspending system...

> It would probably be good to post the details in the
> linux-rt-users at vger.kernel.org mailing list.

Good idea - I've just subscribed to that, but...

On 2014-01-19 14:57 -0600, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
> I finally built a 3.12.6-rt9 without one of the patches (as outlined
> in the rt mailing list) and it boots.  But on a boot I got a couple of
> Ooop'ses so all is not clean.  I did try to suspend and awaken once
> and it went through the process with no apparent problems.

> I'll run it for a bit more, maybe I could release to the testing
> repository if you are interested in giving it a try...

Sounds good -- I'll try that before posting to linux-rt-users about
the older version. :)
FWIW, the oopses you posted there look to be different than what I saw
with 3.12.5.-302.rt7.1, so definitely worth a shot.

Thanks Fernando!

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