[PlanetCCRMA] NVIDIA and RT Kernel (Fedora 20)

Jeremy M Booth bq20 at comcast.net
Mon Apr 21 11:21:51 PDT 2014

Also make sure you have the kernel-rt-devel* package installed for the
akmods to compile.

On Sun, 20 Apr 2014 21:29:43 -0700
Steve Duell <steveduell at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey Folks,
> I'm new to linux, and have gone through several distributions over
> the last few weeks, looking for the right one.  I've tried and am
> very happy with Fedora 19 & 20 (both Xfce and LXDE editions).  I've
> had no problems installing the RT kernel, but running the nouveau
> driver for graphics doesn't work well with my NVIDIA Geforce 8 chip.
> Once enough windows are open, or enough images load on a webpage, the
> display gets corrupted and I can't continue to use the computer
> without a reboot.
> I tried installing the proprietary drivers, which work fine on a stock
> kernel, but the CCRMA RT kernel will not boot after the nvidia
> drivers are installed.
> I've googled the issue pretty deeply, and I see lots of conflicting
> information about the exact steps to get the nvidia driver working
> with F20.  I'm hoping that one of the power-users on this list has
> already surmounted this issue and can walk a newbie through it,
> step-by-step.
> I'm perfectly happy to start all over with a clean install of fedora
> (any version) if it will make life easier for me or you.
> Thanks a ton,
> Steve

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