[PlanetCCRMA] Fedora Installation Help

Brian snug.bug at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 8 07:37:12 PDT 2014

Hi y'all,

Can anyone recommend a responsive and responsible forum for installation help?

I've been flailing with the Planet CCRMA since about Fedora 6, modprobing madly to get my
Audigy recognized and trying (mostly in vain) to mediate between PulseAudio and Alsa.
In my early days on a screaming 600 MHz machine I'd fire up Ardour and 45 minutes later 
it would still be trying to draw the first screen.   Mostly I just use Audacity, Hydrogen, and 
Zynaddsubfx in Windows--because they work.  Recently I actually briefly got Jack to work 
In Fedora 19 with Hydrogen and Zynaddsubfx--a major breakthrough for me which was soon 
wiped out when I played a Youtube and I guess the flashplayer reset the audio to some 
configuration foreign to Jack. 

So I rashly decided to upgrade to Fedora 20 and see if they've fixed some of this.  The Live 
DVD just put multicolored snow on the screen.  So I tried a Yum update and it neglected to 
bring in the keys.  And then though I'd get the Fedora ice cream cone I'd get no login screen
and no terminal.  After I learned to append a "3" to the vmlinuz line in the grub script I got 
my terminal and yum seemed to be chugging along but after I tried to update grub I only get 
grub rescue.  Using that I identified the location of the carcasses of my long-defunct Fedora 
10 and Fedora 11 installations and found my Fedora 19 and 20 installations, but at this point 
I need some hand-holding because I am very near but still so far away.

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