[PlanetCCRMA] wineasio and 32-bit jack question

Simon Lewis simon.lewis at slnet-online.de
Fri May 18 02:08:58 PDT 2012

Hello Fernando

I tried back-porting the latest jack2 release with 32/64 compatibility
enabled on my fedora 16 installation, I can build the package but I
can't install it as the original fedora packages have to many interwoven

Given that support for  fedora 16 still has 6 months to run and fedora
17 has not been released, I hoping that the latest jack releases make it
into fedora 16 repos. Just have to keep the fingers crossed...

Looking at this from another aspect - wine64 has been available under
fedora for some time - and there are quite a few 64 bit windows vsts -
are there any developments to create a true 64bit wineasio?


Am 16.05.2012 23:34, schrieb Fernando Lopez-Lezcano:
> On 05/05/2012 05:39 PM, craig stephenson wrote:
>>   Hello.  I ran into a snag trying to build wineasio on 64-bit Fedora
>> 16, and according to a developer on the wineasio irc channel it's
>> because I'm missing needed 32-bit jack libraries (not a wine issue as
>> I assumed) , i.e. /usr/lib/libjack* .   What would be the best package
>> or source for the files short of doing a custom jack build?  Any
>> pointers would be greatly appreciated.
> The Jack libraries should be available for i686 on x86_64 installs. Just 
> install the i686 package...
> Note: the current jack on fc16 is not built with the 32/64 compatibility 
> flag - i386 clients on an x86_64 system will not work correctly. The 
> latest Fedora 17 build has that, but I don't think that has been 
> released for Fedora 16 (maybe it will?).
> -- Fernando
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