[PlanetCCRMA] Can't install fedora 17 on dual-boot UEFI system

Stephan Neuhaus sten at artdecode.de
Tue Aug 7 13:01:24 PDT 2012

Dear list,

after countless attempts of installing PlanetCCRMA on a new Intel x86_64 system, I'm ready to give up, since I can't even seem to get past the first step, which is installing Fedora!

My system has Windows 7 already installed, and it's booting in (U)EFI mode.  I boot into the FC17 x86_64 DVD (which loads "Linux_EFI" or some such) and get to the disk partitioning stage. Since I have Win7 already installed, I choose "custom partitioning" (or whatever it's called) and reduce the size of the Win7 partition, making way for a new ext4 root partition.  I also have another disk installed, and have partitioned that also. The situation is thus:

* The old NTFS root partition is about to be reduced in size
* The resulting free space is about to be made into an etx4 partition
* There already exists an EFI System Partition, that is, however, not earmarked for formatting
* Another disk is partitioned into various ext4 partitions

When I then click "Next", the installer tells me that I haven't created a suitable "stage1 boot device". Googling this, I am told that I have to create a "1 MB BIOS boot partition", which is nonsense, since I'm booting in EFI mode (I tried anyway, and it didn't work). Other ideas, such as using a USB stick, have also failed, following the Fedora website recipes. All these attempts resulted in a "File not found" error, and yes, I know about "/syslinux" vs. "/isolinux"

Can anyone please help me here? Since PlanetCCRMA is the only reason for me to use Linux at all, I am this -><- close to abandoning it altogether.



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