[PlanetCCRMA] CCRMA Video Issue

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Oct 25 09:55:31 PDT 2011

On 10/25/2011 05:50 AM, Bob Wilkinson wrote:
> Everyone,
> I now am at a loss.
> I just bought a new video card for my PC, based on the NVidia GeForce
> GT520, and installed it. I wanted to use the Nouveau drivers, as they
> worked perfectly on my older PC that died. I installed FC14 64 bit LXDE
> spin, and updated to the latest version of everything, and the Nouveau
> driver did not recognize that I had two monitors attached. After playing
> with it for more hours than I would care to count, I gave up and tried
> the RPMFusion akmod nvidia drivers.
> Success! I got both screens working. They aren't as nice as the Nouveau
> method, but they work. I then installed the RT kernel, and that's where
> the trouble started. X simply wouldn't boot. Nothing - nada. I booted
> back into the production Fedora kernel, and removed the RT kernel. I
> then removed the akmod NVidia driver. I reinstalled the RT kernel, and X
> started - albeit with only one screen.

The rt kernel needs a patched version of the akmod package, the standard 
one from rpmfusion will not build on rt patched kernels. An akmod 
package is available from the planetccrma-testing repository. You also 
have to make sure you have the kernel-*-devel package installed before 
trying to reboot into the rt kernel, otherwise the akmod package will 
not be able to build the corresponding rpm.

> Having done more and more searching, the Nouveau wiki states that I
> should be using the 3.1 kernel or newer for this video card, or backport
> the driver from that kernel. Any clue how to do this? Is it worth the
> work?

3.1 was released _yesterday_ so it is unlikely to be available for 
distros for a while :-) The only recent rt patch for the 3.x series is 
for 3.0.7.

> Should I just go to NVidia's site and pull their driver and
> install it?

That will not fix the problem with the rt patched kernels.

-- Fernando

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