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Bob Wilkinson wilkinson.bob at comcast.net
Tue Oct 25 05:50:09 PDT 2011


I now am at a loss. 

I just bought a new video card for my PC, based on the NVidia GeForce GT520, and installed it. I wanted to use the Nouveau drivers, as they worked perfectly on my older PC that died. I installed FC14 64 bit LXDE spin, and updated to the latest version of everything, and the Nouveau driver did not recognize that I had two monitors attached. After playing with it for more hours than I would care to count, I gave up and tried the RPMFusion akmod nvidia drivers. 

Success! I got both screens working. They aren't as nice as the Nouveau method, but they work. I then installed the RT kernel, and that's where the trouble started. X simply wouldn't boot. Nothing - nada. I booted back into the production Fedora kernel, and removed the RT kernel. I then removed the akmod NVidia driver. I reinstalled the RT kernel, and X started - albeit with only one screen. 

Having done more and more searching, the Nouveau wiki states that I should be using the 3.1 kernel or newer for this video card, or backport the driver from that kernel. Any clue how to do this? Is it worth the work? Should I just go to NVidia's site and pull their driver and install it? 

I hope somebody can help me through this... 

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